International admission English March 159,800yen


International admission English March 159,800yen

Class is on Tuesday and Friday, from 16:55 to 18:25(90 minutes)

In preparation for secondary school admission, English reading test.

Age requirement is not set. The lecturer has to write down the outline of the class each time before the lesson. It takes a tremendous amount of time to read the resource, check the previous tests targeted junior highs, then crafting the actual outline. Therefore, anyone above the age of age eight can enroll in this class.

Note that the themes of script is especially designed for 2022 exam.

It is rarely known that the most prominent reason which distinguishes pupils who are admitted and rejected is not the proficiency of English but knowledge of history, literature and science. Rather better expressed in terms of enthusiasm, or more precisely interest to unknown.

(5) Industrial revolution

Until massive production became possible, manual labor was the only means of production. Textiles, the most famous example to explain the situation in those days, took enormous amount of time to get crafted.

The situation has changed with new power source. Steam engine has made it possible for workers to do the work as fast as ten times than the previous manpower labor. We will be looking into how new method of production has altered industry along with the society as a whole.

(6) Voting right for women

Right to vote was admitted to women in only recent years. The history of voting right is so relevant to what 9th graders learn at school as compulsory education while most of pupils study for secondary school admission tests. Present emphasis on Japanese education is needless to say placed on the former mandatory that detailed reading ability of English is evaluated in University entrance exams.

Reality is explained as above. The knowledge of voting right for women is the second important issue. What I would like to introduce in this class is fundamental idea of basic human right which leads to high quality essay writing answer sheet.

(7) Sea and pure water

As all of us already know, sea water contains salt. In conclusion sea water cannot be drunk as it is. People have to eliminate salt to make use of sea water. Where there is plenty of pure water, like in Japan, pure water is like air we breathe in. Simply we as Japanese never felt desperate need for water.

But if we take a quick look at Middle East, the situation is different. In Saudi Arabia, pure water is perhaps more precious than oil. In this lesson, we look into how pure water supply is vital to survival of human beings.

(8) Painters in Italy

Different from painters in 2021, painters in Italy made their living differently. What the painters now and then possess in common is that they in a sense sell their works in exchange to bread.

The most remarkable difference is who actually purchase those paintings. Through medieval eyes, pupils will be able to understand historical backgrounds in middle ages. Surely enough, giving historical perspective is the main aim of this class.