Finished writing a blog post at 4 in the morning, enquiry at 5:58.


I would like to begin with say, my “disastrous” experience. What was it? Well, the story goes as follows.

Some twenty days ago, I was talking with an admission officer of a U.K. boarding school. Not in England, here in Tokyo.

I showed the officer the document I had translated overnight, I mean without sleep.

I was freezer at the officer’s comment. “I see your influence of American English here.”

She pointed to my English writing, “organization.”

Since that moment, I have been skeptical about whether or not to introduce any of my pupils to this school. And as a matter of fact, I am still today.

Anyways, as I wrote in the title, I replied to the enquiry in my dream, needless to say.

Dawn cannot come too soon.