English admission prep for year4/grade4 159,800 yen


English admission prep for year4/grade4 159,800 yen

For international school pupil and students who have studied abroad

Two possessions, at least either of these two, are required to enroll in this class.

Poetry analysis

The most popular secondary schools in Metropolitan area, located in Tokyo, mandate poetry analysis on admission test.

However, even international school pupils in Tokyo area, without exception, say they don’t learn poems at their international schools. I mean pupils attend different schools, so I wrote “schools.” Or at best they reply that they barely learn poetry at their international schools.

The issue here is that at the admission test, 20-minute writing as to the analysis of a certain poem is required. This is an extremely hard task for twelve-year-olds. The most awkward reality is that even those who are admitted, not rejected have a hard time filling out the answer sheet, which has more than 28 lines.

Simply put, being accustomed to poetry analysis is of critical importance to be admitted. Looking from a different perspective, a trained analyst of poetry is sure to have advantage over the vast majority of applicants.

Essay writing

As I have mentioned above, poetry analysis takes enormous amount of time. The second area where competitive applicants are good at is essay writing.

In short, they write unique and interesting essays.

The readers of this article must have noticed that poetry analysis and essay writing co-relates as if they consist one coin.

Comprehensive understanding and expressing ideas

To name two the most important skills which differentiate your children from all the others, skills to acknowledge and express thoughts would be vital ones.